Travel Checklist Before Going on a Cruise

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Setting sail aboard a luxury cruise liner is a wonderful way to spend a vacation. Not only do you get to visit more than one place, but you also get to enjoy staying in accommodations no less luxurious than a 5-star hotel, and the food is just awesome!

Being on a cruise however keeps you away from the shores for a long, long time. While the ships are well-equipped to cater to every need of yours, many of the things on board can burn a hole in your pockets.

You should therefore carry some essential items with you. Besides, cruises are expensive. Hence, you should plan a lot before you book one.

Here’s a checklist to help you plan meticulously.

Plan Before You Book

Before you book a cruise, scout for traveling agencies offering cruise packages. You may surf the internet and locate one with an attractive offer. For creating planning timelines, we suggest that you use planner software.

Plan a budget for your cruise. It goes without saying that it’s best to avoid those that are unaffordable.

It’s best to opt for a cruise keeping your financial wherewithal under consideration. It's always wise to compare a few cruise lines and go for the one offering the most enjoyable traveling options at a reasonable price.

Before you set sail, tell your relatives/friends how they can reach you on the ship through phone, fax, or email. Also, you should keep a key to your home or office with a trusted person and ask him to store it in a safe place.

Your bank’s deposit box is the perfect place where you can keep your keys safely. Inform your security alarm company before you leave for the cruise.

You’ve set everything in order and only the packing’s left to be done. Here are two items you should carry before you board the ship.

Natural Patches for Motion Sickness

Seasickness hits almost every tourist out on a cruise. Travelers often fall back on various remedies like sea bands, homeopathic pills, or Dramamine whose side effects are terrible.

We recommend motion sickness patches as we have found them to work like magic. You’ve only got to stick them behind your ears and the sickness is gone in a jiffy.

Beach Bags

You’re sure to hit the beach many times when you’re on a cruise. Things are much easier when you have a beach bag with you. They are perfect for carrying snacks, swimsuits, snorkels, changes of clothes, and more.

Look for those that have an insulated cooler right at the bottom where you can keep your drinks cold. These also weigh very little and are very compact as well.


Going on a cruise sure is fun!

Apart from the exotic places they visit, the ships themselves are absolutely luxurious and packed with various options for the entertainment of passengers. Before you set out for a cruise, you should plan well.

It’s expensive and therefore, it requires careful budgeting. Also, you should carry the items we have mentioned for a comfortable cruise—a dream vacation on the seas.



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