Cool Souvenirs to Buy on Your Trip to South East Asia

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South East Asia, a hub of rich tradition and heritage is a treasure trove for travelers keen to take home interesting souvenirs.

We say treasure trove as the souvenirs on offer here are of an amazing variety, much more than just junk jewelry and postcards. South East Asia is a land of many hand-crafted items with beautiful intricate designing and artistry.

When you take them home as souvenirs, they add an element of classy style to your home.

We have listed some wonderful souvenirs from South East Asia that shall bring back fond memories of your trip to this mesmerizingly beautiful land.

The Woven Fabrics of the Philippines

The Philippines brings you a bouquet of very rich and varied patterns in its indigenous woven fabrics. The highlands in the Cordilleras offer wallets and bags and also notebooks covered with cloth you would love to bring home.

The beautiful patterns on these fabrics are very eye-catching indeed. You may even pick a bolt of cloth you can make yourself a beautiful dress from.

Batik Fabric from Indonesia

Indonesia is blessed with a rich tradition of designing vibrantly colorful hand-dyed fabric commonly called Batik here. The entire country is dotted with shops selling Batik clothing items.

Take your pick from shawls, sarongs, dresses, trousers, and more. Do visit Yogyakarta in Central Java where you can have a go at making Batik fabric yourself.

Cloth Lanterns of Vietnam

When you visit the city of Hoi An in Vietnam, you’ll find its streets illuminated with bright cloth lanterns. You can easily bring one home as they are foldable.

Their bright splash of colors adds vibrancy to your room. You’ll only need to add a bulb to give your room a cozy ambiance. Even when it’s daytime, the lanterns look very bright.

Brunei’s Brass and Silverware

The Malay Sultanate in Brunei has had a tradition of patronizing the manufacture of regalia crafted intricately.

When you visit the Brunei Arts and Handicrafts Training Center, you'll come across ceremonial swords, called keris, and ornamental brass canons as well as beautiful silverware.

You can also pick up a piece or two from the outlet at the airport before leaving if you didn’t manage to find the time to buy one earlier.

Myanmar’s Lacquerware and Sand Paintings

You are sure to find Myanmar’s lacquerware absolutely gorgeous! Once patronized by royalty in Burma, Myanmar's lacquer artists these days offer their wares to the tourists visiting their land of lush greenery.

Apart from beautifying your home, you also support the community of local artists when you buy their beautiful creations. You can buy paintings that are unique to the place you have visited.

That brings us to Bagan's sand paintings from Myanmar which are a reflection of how deeply the people here believe in Buddhism.


Beautiful souvenirs bought from places you have traveled to bring back fond memories of the trip. Mostly made by local communities of artists, it's your way of extending much-needed support to them.

They are fine pieces of art that draw much admiration. The countries of South East Asia are blessed with a rich tradition of hand-crafted items you can buy as souvenirs to decorate your home.



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