Top 5 Destinations for Music Lovers

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Music transcends boundaries and charms us all. It inspires and motivates us, it soothes us when we are anxious, and it also peps things up when we feel the blues—true, music’s a good friend for all of us. If you love your music deeply, you could consider traveling to places known for their rich musical legacy. Not only do you get to explore a place, but you also get an insight into what makes iconic musical compositions. We bring you the top 5 destinations to visit as a music lover.


It’s pulsating house music that’s kept Berlin on the radar of music lovers for years. Sadly, you won’t see many local musicians experimenting with Echtzeitmusik, a form of music unique to Berlin. If techno and experimental music aren’t your cup of tea, head to White Trash Fast Food for good old Rock ‘n’ Roll. The place has a lovely tattoo parlor, a tiki shack, and burger joints.


Could we ever dare leave out Liverpool? It’s the Beatles’ city, come on! No wonder it’s called the world’s capital of pop music. Take the Beatles Fab Four Taxi Tour. It takes you on a ride around the city while stopping at what used to be the homes of the iconic band members. The city’s also popular among music lovers for the Liverpool International Music Festival.


Cuban music happens to be quite popular among Americans and many travel to Havana to experience it firsthand.  The music here is a blend of Latin jazz, salsa, timba, and rumba. The city is passionate about its music and you hear a lot of it on the streets and at bars. Visit the Salon Rosado where you can see dance performances to music on Saturdays.

Washington D.C.

Music lovers have quite a few options when they visit America’s capital city. Presently, bands like Bad Brains and Fugazi are based out of Washington D.C. and the city is known for its throbbing underground music. Take a peek into the history of music in America at the National Museum of American History. Iconic pop culture items are showcased here. Live music events are a regular feature and they are held around the year. Artists like Rob Zombie and Arcade Fire have performed in Washington D.C.


If classical music enthralls you, a visit to Vienna, Austria's capital city is a must. Vienna has given us the greatest of composers, and icons of music including Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, and Brahms. A host of musical events and music festivals are held in Vienna. There's also an annual performance season that kicks off in September and continues till June.


If there’s something all of us love, it’s music. Nothing else gives us as much joy and pleasure as music can. The cities we have mentioned take you on a mesmerizing journey through the world of music. Be it contemporary pop music or classical music, a visit to the top 5 destinations for music lovers gives you a peek into what created the world of music.


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