5 Essential Things to Pack before Going on a Trek

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You've finally managed a break from your busy schedule and are ready to go on your much-awaited trek. However, before you set off, you need to decide what you should carry with you.

You’ve got to strike the right balance between carrying too much and carrying too little. You also need to decide whether to make do with local merchandise or opt for high-end quality stuff before you set off.

You’ll have to zero in on the right gear. As trekking enthusiasts, we have all made wrong choices by carrying the wrong stuff at some point in time.

To avoid such mistakes, we have listed what we consider are five items you must pack before setting out.

1. Trekking Shoes

You’ll be walking through rough terrain on your trekking expedition. Therefore, you’ve just got to get yourself a comfortable and sturdy pair of trekking shoes.

Pick a pair that’s also lightweight and waterproof so your feet stay protected when it pours.

Look for good cushioning that lends support to your ankles and the base of your feet as you trudge along.

2. Water Bottles

Carrying light, yet tough water bottles is a must. While trekking, you may not come across sources of potable water regularly. The stress of walking makes it necessary that you keep yourself properly hydrated.

Therefore, you must carry enough water bottles with you so you have a sufficient stock of water all along the trek. Make it a point to fill your water bottles when you reach a stream. Avoid those made of plastic.

3. Flashlight

You go trekking at remote places that aren't always well-lit. Hence, you’ve got to carry powerful flashlights. They help you make your way through the dark and are vital to your safety.

While camping, your flashlight may be your only source of light apart from a fire. We wouldn’t be overstating if we were to say that your flashlight is your lifeline after dark when you are trekking.

4. Backpack

While you must travel light, it’s also important that you carry enough of all that you need. It’s therefore wise to invest in a backpack large enough to pack in all the essentials.

Invest in a good tough backpack made of waterproof fabric. A good backpack allows you to pack efficiently and stay organized throughout the tour.

5. Snacks

Trekking is physically draining and it’s quite likely that after a while, you feel your tummy grumbling. It’s time to grab a quick bite.

When you are trekking, you reach places where you won’t come across eateries serving piping hot food.

You should therefore carry your own snacks. Nutrition bars are a perennial favorite. You may also carry dry fruits and chocolate bars.


Trekking takes you to remote places where you are pretty isolated. You must, therefore, equip yourself with the right stuff—things that are vital to your survival when you are miles away from the facilities a city offers.

Our checklist of 5 essential things to carry while trekking includes items that all those on trekking expeditions need badly.

They shall keep you safe and protected making sure you don’t land in a mess.



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