Essential Things to Pack for a Vacation in the Mountains

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If you’re an adventure seeker and love the outdoors, a vacation in the mountains is just the thing you need to recharge your batteries.

However, before you hit the trail, there’s one cumbersome activity you need to get done with—packing. Yes, packing sure is a headache, but it’s something you can’t avoid.

Packing with care involving enough planning makes sure that you don’t leave behind anything essential and are left to rue that on your vacation.

We bring you this checklist you can refer to so you don’t miss anything important and ruin your tryst with the mountains.

Durable Backpack

For a happy vacation up in the mountains, the very first thing you need is a durable backpack. A sturdy backpack that’s large enough lets you pack in everything you need for your vacation.

At the same time, it shouldn’t be so large that carrying it around becomes a challenge. Your backpack shouldn't have too much space inside or the stuff you are carrying shall keep getting displaced.

Pack in everything neatly vertically so you don't need to disturb the entire packing when you take anything out.


Two pairs of shoes should be enough for a fun time in the mountains. While tennis shoes are ideal for wearing at all times, carry a pair of hiking boots if you plan to hike a lot. Walking in the mountains puts your feet under more stress.

Hence, your shoes must have good soft cushioning. Since you'll be walking a lot, carry extra shoelaces just in case they break. To deal with blisters on your feet, carry moleskin.

Proper Clothes

Pick clothes that are versatile and easy to maintain. They should be comfortable and not too heavy to carry. The clothes should be able to protect you from the cold and you should be able to pack them compactly.

The weather up in the mountains is damp. Therefore, carry enough clothes that dry quickly after a wash in the laundry.

Items for Cooking

Pick cookware made of ultra-light material so you can carry them with ease. You must take along a backpacking stove for its versatility and compactness.

Cooking a quick snack on one of these stoves on a trekking trip involves minimum fuss.

The cookware you carry should be made of unbreakable material since you’ll be traveling through mountainous roads that are often a bit bumpy.


Of course, you must carry your camera to capture the breathtaking vistas the mountains welcome you to. Carry your smartphone and make sure that you have downloaded the appropriate apps for your trip.

For example, a traveling app can help you grab good deals on the go while a weather app keeps you posted about the frequent changes in the weather in the mountains. That way, you won’t need to take along your laptop.


Leaving behind something you need a lot on your vacation ruins all the fun. Keep our checklist handy so you can be sure you are carrying all the necessary items.

You are well prepared to take on the mountains with them. Pack your bags and set off on your adventure. Bon Voyage!



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