Why Paris is a Heaven for Music Lovers

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Music Vacations 2022

Paris, famed as the fashion capital of the world is also popular as a honeymoon destination for lovebirds. What makes Paris even more iconic as a city is it is absolute heaven for music lovers.

The charming city seamlessly blends music of contrasting styles which has made it somewhat enigmatic among music lovers. Music of all genres blends to create an amazing canvas that hypnotizes lovers of music.

Here’s more on where you should look for musical delights in Paris and also party a bit.

Van Gogh, Starry Night

When in Paris, make sure that you don’t miss Van Gogh, Starry Night. The five exhibitions held at the same time have you immersed in a musical and visual spectacle. Dedicated to the troubled genius that Van Gogh was, the exhibition takes your breath away.

The show is produced by Culturespaces and Gianfranco Iannuzzi, Massimiliano Siccardi, and Renato Gatto have joined hands to direct the show. You enter as a mesmerized spectator as Van Gogh’s bright brushstrokes take over the entire hall.

The Streets of Paris

If you are keen to delve deep into the music of Paris, do explore the streets of the city. You’ll find buskers performing at places where the flow of tourists is heavy. Take some time to stop by and admire their performances.

Drop by at the crowd favorite, Le Marais in the 4th arrondisement where you’ll love watching many street performers showcase their talent. As you enjoy the free music, you can take a table at the many roadside cafes that dot Paris and appreciate music for free. The Right Bank, Montmartre, and Republique are the places to visit for such music.

Party Hard

It’s hard matching up to a Parisian when it comes to partying. The venues are many, from jazz bars to discos or even under a bridge! Don’t forget to visit the Le Comptoir General that’s affectionately called the “ghetto museum.”

It acts as a bar, a restaurant, an art gallery as well as a film theater. Chill with the people here and enjoy the music that’s played keeping in tune with the different moods of the day.

The Cabaret Sauvage is another amazing destination you shouldn’t miss. Make sure to catch a performance at what was once a cabaret stage on your visit to Paris.

If it’s something more youthful you’re looking for, head to the Red Circus Tent. The performances here are energetic and eclectic featuring myriad artists from Ali Amran to La Rue Ketanou.


When visiting Paris, you are sure to be taken in by the amazing variety the city offers in its music. From contemporary to the classics, you’ll find it all in this lovely city.

If it’s a musical soiree by a professional artist you are looking forward to, Paris won’t disappoint you. If you are looking to catch up on some good music on your way back to the hotel, the street performers won’t let you feel disappointed either.

The partying scene is amazing as well with people partying almost anywhere, right from discotheques and bars to under a bridge. Paris is just amazing!


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