party destinations in South America

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You might kid yourself that your next vacation to South America will be all about getting immersed in the Mexican Mayan ruins or getting lost amidst the Costa Rican cloud forests. However, the truth is that we travel to different places around the world to explore and enjoy the nightlife and partying options available.

South America is replete with party destinations and you will never run out of options for letting your hair down, especially during the Spring season. New Year’s Eve has its own charm and tourists from various countries throng the South American nations to go partying.

In this blog post, we shall look at the top 5 popular party destinations in South America where you can go on a long vacation during this Spring. Remember, nightlife spots are completely different from one another and you will get unique vibes at each of these places.

The best 5 party destinations in South America

Valparaíso, Chile

The capital city Santiago is already popular for its nightlife but when it comes to wild night parties, no other place can beat Valparaiso. This city is known for its young and hipster population, so you can expect the best bars spread all over the bay area.

Thus, if you intend to party with a youthful crowd, you must visit this best party destination in South America. Night fireworks are the best on New Year’s Eve; don’t miss the spectacular show!

Medellín, Colombia

Going to Medellin and not partying is a sin! Visiting Medellin and partying in the night is a ritual for visitors and the most amazing thing is that different parts of the city offer different vibes. The most popular party spot is the Parque Lleras in El Poblado barrio.

Both the locals as well as tourists throng Medellin and enjoy through the night dancing, drinking, and soaking in the raucous nightlife. However, if you’re looking for some cheap drink and a piece of local flavor, La 70 is a must visit.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena comes in the list of cities that always has an ongoing party at some nook and cranny. The usual evenings are full of mirth and laughter and things start warming up as the lazy evenings progress into crazy nights.

Cartagena isn’t often in the list of travellers but of-late things are changing as more and more tourists from different countries are thronging this South American party destination.

Máncora, Peru

Peru, which should be essentially popular because of its amazing coastline, is known more for its crazy parties! Máncora is the beach town that’s getting all the attention over the last couple of decades for being an incredible party destination.

From the larger hostels such as Loki to the smaller Magaluf-esque strip located to the town’s southern end, Mancora has everything for party lovers.

Montañita, Ecuador

Late night parties in Montañita often ends with mesmerizing sunrises! However, instead unlike the hostel parties of Mancora, parties in Montañita take place in the bars located on multi-storey buildings.

You will have the locals from the surrounding cities flocking this awesome party destination, so don’t miss your chance to make some new friends.


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