What to Pack for your Dream Honeymoon to Hawaii

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You’ve just got married and romance between the two of you is blooming. You and your partner have zeroed in on Hawaii as your honeymoon destination.

The crystal-clear waters washing your feet as you take a stroll along the tranquil beaches deepen the bond between husband and wife.

Before you set off on your dream honeymoon, you’ve got to deal with the headache of packing. Hawaii has a lot on offer for all visitors.

You’ve therefore got to pack intelligently. You can’t carry too much and you shouldn’t carry too little either.

Here’s a checklist to help you with your job.

Suitable Clothes and Accessories

Hawaii has no fashion rules. You can slip into anything you’re comfortable in. You could opt for clothes that are suitable for resort wear or you could go for that surfer look. The weather in Hawaii is warm. You should pack accordingly. Here’s a list of clothes and accessories ideal for Hawaii.

  • Good Footwear for Comfort: A good pair of sneakers always works well. Sandals, popular as slippers in Hawaii are also good for walking through Hawaii’s many beautiful beaches.
  • A Stylish Island Style Outfit: It could be a sundress you love, and for the men, resort wear. Do bring an outfit you can wear to a nice dinner in the company of your charming partner.
  • T-Shirts and Shorts: The weather in Hawaii is warm, so, you'll be using these as daily wear. Tank tops are perfect to enjoy the bright sunny days while feeling comfortable.
  • Handbag: You’ll need one to carry your important documents like your passport and identity proof. They are also useful for storing cosmetics like sunscreens.

Now that it’s decided what clothes and accessories you’ll carry, it's time to consider a few items that'll come in handy on your Hawaii honeymoon.

Motion Sickness Bands

If you suffer from motion sickness, you would do wise to carry a few acupressure wristbands. The road to Hana has a lot of twists and turns and you’ll often be on a boat bobbing up and down on your way to any island.

Motion sickness bands can give you much-needed relief in these situations. Look for those that look nice and are effective. These are always better than Dramamine which can make you feel drowsy.

Quality Sunscreen

This is an absolute must. Hawaii is known for its bright sunshine. It may be a paradise for sunbathers, but we all know the harmful effects of sunlight that's too strong, don't we?

You’ve got to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays that may cause rashes. Besides, long exposure to such bright sunshine causes extreme tanning.

Quality sunscreen protects you from the dangers of overexposure to sunlight. Make it a point to carry one to Hawaii.


You and your partner are sure to love spending your honeymoon in Hawaii. The calm islands and exotically beautiful beaches make it a very romantic place indeed.

With a list of what you should carry to Hawaii, we have made planning for the trip much easier.

You are sure to hear your partner sigh in contentment as you walk along the beaches holding hands.



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