Amazing Vacation to the Maldives

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The sun-kissed beaches and the turquoise crystal clear waters of the Maldives make it a tourist hotspot. You’ve finally managed to carve out a vacation to these amazing islands from your busy schedule.

You can't wait to plunge into the lovely waters of Maldives and explore everything that the islands here blessed with spectacular beauty offer; but hey!

Aren’t you forgetting something?

It’s the packing! You’ve got to carry some items that you’ll need there badly.

We bring you a checklist so you don’t forget them and rue that after reaching the islands ruining your vacation.

Suntan Lotion

You’ll find suntan lotion in the Maldives itself, but they may not be of the required strength. You must carry a good environment-friendly suntan lotion to protect yourself from the strong sunlight here and prevent sunburn.

The environment-friendly suntan lotions not only protect your skin, but they also perform the vital function of keeping the reefs safe. Make sure that you get one that’s free of any fragrance and silicone and causes no irritation either.

A Sunhat

This is your other shield of protection from the hours of blazing sunlight that the Maldives receives all day. To keep the scorching sun off your face and head, you should carry a large sun hat.

Being close to the equator, the sun rays here are mercilessly strong all year round. You’ll therefore need a sunhat having a wide brim that keeps your face shaded from sunlight.

The duo of suntan lotion and sunhat protect you from the Maldives’ scorching sun.

Sandals or Flip Flops

The beaches in the Maldives are irresistible and you are sure to spend much of your days on them. You’ll prefer being comfortable and relaxed even when you are at your resort.

For travelers to the islands, flip-flops or sandals are the ideal footwear as they keep you feeling relaxed all through the day.

These are also suitable for wearing in the hot weather and the various beach activities you plan to have a go at.

Proper Swimsuit

Carry a swimsuit that adheres to the dress code at your resort. Probably, there won’t be any restrictions on the kind of swimsuit you can wear if you’ve put up at a private resort.

However, don’t go overboard and opt for those that aren’t too revealing. Pick a modest swimsuit if you are at Male on the mainland. The Maldives is a Muslim country and you should respect religious sensitivities.

Rash Vest

You’ll love surfing and snorkeling in the Maldives, both very popular here and done all year round. Be sure to slip into a rash vest before you jump into the water.

These vests protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays. A rash vest is essential for all those who spend long hours in water or around water.


The scenic islands of the Maldives beckon you to an unforgettable vacation. However, there are items that you should take along. Our checklist has items you’ll need badly in the Maldives.

They'll ensure that you have a comfortable stay on the islands and that you enjoy every moment of your vacation on these wonderful islands. Carry the items on this list and you'll realize how thoughtful we've been.



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